London Borough of Croydon

Pay less for your gas and electricity

Croydon council is supporting a scheme to help you get a better deal on your gas and electricity bills, offering dual-fuel and electricity-only tariffs.

The Big London Energy Switch is a collective energy switching auction, set up by Croydon council and 22 other councils across London.

Find out more and register with no fee or obligation

How energy auctions work

The Big London Energy Switch uses the collective buying power of customers to get energy companies to compete to win customers by offering them the lowest gas and electricity prices. When you register for the Big London Energy Switch you are joining up with other Londoners and people across the country who want to reduce their bills. Through the scheme energy companies offer tariffs which are lower than tariffs available elsewhere (including those on price comparison websites).

On the day of the auction energy companies are invited to take part in a reverse auction offering their lowest prices to everyone who registered. The energy company that offers the lowest tariff wins the auction. The tariffs will be fixed for 1 year.

After the auction has closed you will receive an offer with details of the winning tariff (including any exit fees). The offer will include the saving you could make by switching to the tariff. Your savings will be based on the information you provide during the registration process.

You will have a few weeks to decide whether to accept the offer. There are no charges for taking part, whatever your decision.

The Big London Energy Switch has a helpline number to answer queries about your offer and provide support in the unlikely event that you need help with your switch to the new tariff and supplier. Once your switch is completed you will become a direct customer of the winning energy supplier.

As you approach the end of the 1 year contract you can register for another Big London Energy Switch auction to get another market-beating tariff for the following year. You will need to register again through the link on this page.

Check if you can take part

You can take part in the Big London Energy Switch if:

  • you pay a gas or electricity bill which is in your name
  • you pay by direct debit or if you have a pre-payment meter

If you are in debt to your current gas or electricity supplier you can still register but you might need to pay off some or all of your debt before switching.

You do not need to live in London to take part. Non-Croydon residents are welcome to register through the link below.

How much you can save

84% of all Croydon residents who registered for the last Big London Energy Switch auction could have saved more than £50 in the first year if they had switched to the winning energy tariff; average savings were over £200. Even people who have changed energy supplier recently have made savings. The savings you could make depend upon how much gas and electricity you use and your current tariff.

How to register

Follow the link below to the Big London Energy Switch website.  Registration should take no longer than 10 minutes.

You will be asked for details of your current tariff and details of your energy consumption (in kWh or the amount you pay each month). If you do not have energy consumption data (for example if you have just moved into your home) you can register using average consumption data provided by OFGEM (click on the information icons during registration for details).

Your personal details will be held securely and will not be passed on to the energy companies.

Whether you regularly switch suppliers or never have, why not give the Big London Energy Switch a go? It’s free, takes only a few minutes to sign up and you’re not obliged to take up the offer.

Register for the next Big London Energy Switch auction by Monday 5 October 2020.

Find out more and register with no fee or obligation