Domestic energy advice

Information about local and regional schemes to help you reduce your fuel bills, and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Croydon Healthy Homes

Croydon Healthy Homes is our free energy advice service for residents who are:

  1. homeowners or renting privately
  2. on low incomes or are more vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home, for example families with young children, older residents, and residents with pre-existing medical conditions.

The team delivers regular online workshops for residents to learn more about energy issues. This includes:

  • tariffs and payment methods
  • advice if you are struggling to pay for your bills
  • priority support available from energy companies

Workshops also cover: 

  • energy efficiency advice
  • using heating systems effectively
  • insulation and condensation issues

Visit our energy advice events page to find out more and sign up for a workshop.

If your issue cannot be resolved in one of our workshops, we can offer one to one support. Visit our healthy homes page to find out more and apply.

Grant funding for home energy improvements

Homeowners and private tenants may be eligible for grants for domestic energy improvements. A range of different schemes run at various times. The schemes vary in what measures can be installed and have different eligibility criteria.  

Measures which can be installed through the schemes include:

  • Insulation for cavity wall, loft and roof insulation
  • Modern efficient heating systems

The Croydon Healthy Homes team can advise about any grants suitable for your property. Visit our healthy homes page to apply.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and LA Flex

ECO is one of the grant schemes delivered by energy supplier and sometimes by third party agents. It is an obligation to energy suppliers aimed at helping households cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by installing energy saving measures. 

To be eligible for ECO, a household must either meet the standard ECO eligibility of being in receipt of qualifying means tested benefit, or alternative criteria set by the government. This latter is known as the Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Mechanism, often shortened to ‘LA Flex’ or referred to as ‘ECO Flex’. Where a household meets the LA Flex criteria, they will need a signed declaration from a designated council officer to receive the ECO funded measures.

Residents requiring a LA Flex declaration must apply through the Croydon Healthy Homes service. The team need to review evidence of how the household meets the LA Flex eligibility criteria. In accordance with the Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2018 and associated guidance the decision to issue a declaration is at the sole discretion of the relevant local authority (Croydon Council).

Other schemes also adopt LA Flex as eligibility criteria for receiving grant funding. These schemes will also require a declaration signed by the designed local authority officer.

Visit our croydon healthy homes page to apply

Croydon Energy Loans

Croydon Energy Loans are designed to improve the energy efficiency of dwellings and assist vulnerable clients who may be in fuel poverty. This can cover provision of a new gas central heating and hot water system. 

To qualify, applicants must own their own property and be in receipt of one of the following income-related benefits:

  • Universal credit
  • Income support
  • Working tax credit on an income less than £15,050 per year
  • Child tax credit and an income less than £15,050 per year
  • Housing benefit
  • Income-based job seekers allowance or employment support allowance
  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • disability related benefit (either disability living allowance, personal independence payment or attendance allowance)

Persons aged 60 years and above, who do not claim any of the previously mentioned benefits, must have savings of less than £12,000.

The maximum loan amount is £6,000 for new applications, this include fees, charges and VAT. 

All loan applications should be made through the Croydon Home Improvement Agency using approved contractors. All loans are interest free and will be for the lifetime of the occupant(s) whilst they reside in the property. Loans must be repaid in full whenever the property is disposed of by sale, assignment, transfer or otherwise.

Find out more about loans and grants.

The Croydon Home Improvement Agency can be contacted on 0208 760 5505, or by email at

Energy Savings Trust

For other independent and impartial advice to help you reduce energy consumption in your home and cut your energy bills, visit the Energy Savings Trust website: