The council has powers to deal with noise that is considered a statutory nuisance. Find out what to do if you are having problems with loud music and parties, alarms, dogs barking and construction noise.

Pollution enforcement services

We no longer provide a 24 hour and night noise service.  

Noise pollution

The council has powers to deal with noise that is considered a statutory nuisance, a statutory nuisance is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to; type of noise, volume, frequency, duration and its impact on others. The council generally adopts an escalating approach to noise enforcement and can deal with unreasonable noise from loud music, parties dog barking, car and house alarms. The law enables us to take action against those who cause a noise nuisance, which can result in a fine and confiscation of any equipment causing the noise.

How to report noise pollution

If you are suffering from a noise pollution issue, you can report it Online.

Noise the council cannot deal with

While the council's legal powers enable us to deal with unreasonable noisy activities, we cannot deal with noise that arises from people going about their normal, day-to-day activities in a reasonable manner such as:

  • noise that can be heard due to poor sound insulation, for example neighbours talking or walking on wooden or laminate floors
  • children playing in gardens or in the street
  • doors being closed
  • road traffic (other than vehicle alarms)