London Borough of Croydon

Pollution services & information

  • National Clean Air Day: 8 October 2020

    Clean Air Day is a national campaign to raise awareness about air pollution. We, along with other local authorities all over the country, are organising various events and activities with help from Global Action.

  • Noise

    How to make a complaint when dogs, alarms, parties, construction or other excessive noise cause a nuisance.

  • Air pollution

    The council has a duty to monitor and maintain records concerning the quality of air in the borough.

  • Asbestos

    What to do if you think there is asbestos in or around your home or place of work.

  • Bonfires

    Information and advice on when bonfires are necessary, fines for unlawful bonfires and how to contact our Pollution service.

  • Contaminated land

    Land with a high level of heavy metals or chemicals may be defined as contaminated. Croydon Council has a duty to keep a public register of contaminated land sites around the borough.

  • Hazardous substances

    How to apply for permission to store and use radioactive and other hazardous substances.

  • Environmental assessments

    We provide advice on the environmental impact of planning applications.

  • Smoke control areas

    Smoke from domestic chimneys