London Borough of Croydon

Flood and water management

Flood and water management services & information

  • During and after a flood

    Advice for during and after a flood

  • Report a flood

    Who to contact about flooding and where to get further information.

  • Flooding - who is responsible?

    What you and the council are responsible.

  • Managing flood risks

    Access reports related to flood risk in Croydon and information for property owners and give your views on the draft local flood risk management strategy.

  • Groundwater monitoring

    The Environment Agency monitors groundwater levels in areas that have historically experienced groundwater flooding, this includes parts of Croydon.

  • Flood Investigations

    As a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), one of its duties is to investigate flood incidents where it considers it necessary or appropriate and produce a report

  • Ordinary watercourse management

    Living or working near a small watercourse

  • Advice to planning applicants

    Information about the lead local flood authority’s role as a statutory consultee on planning application for major development proposals.