Drainage advice to planning applicants

Information about the lead local flood authority’s role as a statutory consultee on planning application for major development proposals.

Statutory consultee on planning applications

Croydon council, as a lead local flood authority (LLFA), is a statutory consultee on planning application for major development proposals which have surface water drainage implications in any flood zone.

As a statutory consultee, the LLFA has a legal requirement to provide the local planning authority (LPA) with an informed substantive response to planning application for major development proposals, with respect to surface water drainage.  But the role of decision making on planning applications is the responsibility of the LPA.

In order for the LLFA to discharge its statutory duties and for the LPA to make an informed decision when an application is being determined, it is important that acceptable and quality information are submitted.  It is for this reason we have produced the advice to planning applicants below.  We recommend that planning applicants familiarise themselves with the LLFA requirements for a drainage strategy before submitting their application.

To ensure you submit all the relevant information and avoid delay in processing your application, submit copies of the following to the LPA along with your drainage strategy:
• the checklist in appendix 2 of the advice to planning applicants (PDF, 929.22KB)

• the London sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) proforma (XLSX, 280.68KB)

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in planning applications

It is widely accepted that we need a more sustainable approach to managing surface water. Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) mimic natural drainage processes to reduce the effect on the quality and the quantity of runoff from developments, providing among others, amenity and biodiversity benefits.

Croydon council and several other authorities across England have worked with Robert Bray Associates and McCloy Consulting to produce the SuDS design and evaluation guide below. The guide provides practical information on SuDS design, illustrated by a step by step process. We recommended that SuDS designers should refer to the document when designing SuDS measures.

Pre-application advice for a major development

It is strongly advised that applicants seek pre-application advice from the LPA prior to submission of their application.  However, bespoke pre-application advice on the requirements of a surface water drainage strategy can be provided by the LLFA on a chargeable basis.  The current rates for providing this service are:

  • 0 to 4 hours = £566.63 + VAT
  • 4 to 8 hours = £1070.30 + VAT

If you are interested in applying for a bespoke pre-application advice with the LLFA, contact us at floodandwater@croydon.gov.uk or 020 8726 6000.