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Pest control treatments

We are currently working in partnership with Southwark Council as our pest control contractor to provide:

  • 24 hour emergency call out for rats inside the property, with four hour response time
  • ability to offer Saturday appointments
  • treatment to eradication (subject to recommendations of Southwark Pest Control are being followed) – this includes proofing works, where these are required, being carried out by the owner or occupier of the property as Southwark do not have the facility to carry out these works).

Request pest control help online.

We can treat the following pests. Click on the individual links for more advice on how you can help deal with the pest problem.

Visit the British Pest Control Association for an A to Z list of pests and advice on how to deal with a pest problem.

Pest control charges

We provide treatment for rat infestation to all residential properties in the borough where the rat is inside or outside the home (some services are chargeable).

If you are a tenant of Croydon Council, some pest treatments may be provided free and some will be chargeable. If you are a private tenant or owner occupier, there will be a charge for all treatments. Please see below for full details of the charges made.

(You do not have to use Croydon's pest control service, you can get quotes from other contractors. Services offered by other companies cannot be booked through the council).

All prices include VAT

Call out fee

A minimum call out fee of £29.63 to cover an initial visit and inspection is payable before the technician will visit. Any additional amount due (depending on the service requested) above this must be paid when the technician arrives by cheque or cash. The callout fee is not refundable and must be paid whether or not you proceed with treatment.

Property sizes

Prices are based on an average-sized property of up to four bedrooms. Larger properties and hostels, hotels or residential homes will be subject to survey and a separate quotation will be provided prior to commencement of treatment.

Table showing pest control prices for council tenants and private residents


Council tenant price

Private tenant / owner occupier price

Rats inside the home



Rats outside of the home (i.e. in the garden)






Bed bugs






Pharaoh ants 



Garden ants



Woodlice/Garden beetles or crawling insects




Contact your local bee keeper




Squirrels (inside property)






Benefits discount

A 25% discount will be given on all treatments apart from rats within the house for people in receipt of qualifying benefits. The cost of treatment for rats is already subsidised by over 50%. In order to qualify for this discount customers should produce proof of their benefits to the pest control technician before treatment is commenced. Acceptable evidence is formal notification of the entitlement or a print-out of an online account. 

Qualifying benefits include:

  • Income support
  • Income-based job seekers’ allowance
  • Disability living allowance

Please request the discount when booking the treatment.

Preparing to treat bed bugs.

For bed bug treatment to be effective, it is essential that some preparation is carried out before treatment starts.  Please read the leaflet below carefully and follow the guidelines under ‘what do I have to do before treatment?’ before your appointment.  If this preparation is not carried out the treatment may not proceed, which will result in a delay in the pests being eradicated from your home.

Treatment of bed bugs at your property

Pest identification and advice

If you bring or send us a sample of any insect pest you may have, we will do our best to identify it and give advice on how to treat the infestation. We may not always be able to identify pest samples that are given to us.

We also have a range of leaflets giving useful information and advice on most of the commonly occurring pests.


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