London Borough of Croydon

An academy for boys and girls.

Headteacher: Jane Robinson

Admissions number: 90

Age range: 4-11

DfE number: 306 2061

Harris Primary Academy Purley Way is a brand new Primary Academy offering a high-quality education for Reception children up to Year 6. It will open in September 2016 with just Reception children, growing to full capacity to 2022. For the first year it will be in high quality temporary accommodation on the long-term site with the new building due to be ready in September 2017.

Harris Primary Academy Purley Way will be a school where every child is welcome; where all abilities will be catered for and every child will be encouraged to reach their full potential. It will be a place where learning is fun and exciting and innovative ways of teaching will be used. The academy will be for the whole community, benefiting not only the children that attend, but those people in the surrounding area.

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Harris Primary Academy Purley Way

020 3872 1970
Address Line:

47 Propeller Crescent (opposite Wing YIP on Purley Way)




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