London Borough of Croydon

Mayor of Croydon services & information

  • History

    Information on the history of the Mayoralty; Town Halls; the Arms of Croydon; the Mayoralty; Freeman and Freedoms granted by the Borough.

  • The Mayor of Croydon

    The Mayor is the borough's first citizen and represents Croydon at ceremonial and social engagements during the year.

  • Role of the Mayor

    A Mayor is elected each year, for a term of one year, by fellow councillors; the role is however strictly non-political and representative of every section of the community; particularly focused on cultivating the positive image of the borough and on enhancing the well-being of its citizens.

  • Invite the Mayor to your event

    If you would like to invite the Mayor to your event you need to write or email the Mayor, who is keen to support the widest possible range of organisations that contribute to the wellbeing of Croydon.

  • Mayoral protocol

    Information on Mayoral protocols.