London Borough of Croydon

Gangs of all levels and types have a negative effect on society. Gang and youth violence can be devastating for communities and the individuals involved. It breeds fear and creates huge costs to the taxpayer. The public are fearful of gangs; however most 'gang crime' occurs between gang members and is limited to a small number of areas within the borough.

This strategy sets out a clear path for action; a clear message will be given to gang members that violence must stop. All key players within gangs will be identified; all enforcement agencies will be engaged in targeting these individuals and those identified as being involved in or associated with people who are involved with firearms. The police will lead on this robust enforcement approach.

The council and the voluntary sector will lead on preventing youths from joining a gang, this means strengthening local communities and families, encouraging them to report crime and anti-social behaviour and teaching our young people other ways to find a sense of purpose in their lives and increase their opportunities to succeed and educate themselves, so that gangs are less likely to exist.


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