London Borough of Croydon

In 2008/09 Croydon's Strategic Partnership agreed to develop a new long-term vision for Croydon through one of the largest public engagement exercises ever undertaken in this borough.

What followed was an intensive 8 month engagement programme which saw some 20,000 local people, representing all sections of Croydon's communities, contributing directly to the development of the draft vision and even larger number being engaged in some way in the vision development process. The outcome is an ambitious, compelling vision that paints a clear picture of the type of place Croydon has the potential to become.

Croydon's new vision will now be the touchstone for all other strategies and plans in the borough, and will also help provide a focus for actions we take immediately. Overall the vision will help engage everyone is helping create a successful and enterprising Croydon - a place that offers huge opportunity and a place where everyone can feel they can belong.


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