London Borough of Croydon

The Labour Administration made a commitment to hold an independent review of the Council’s governance structure. A cross-party panel has been established to undertake the review and to report its findings to the Council. 

The Panel is led by an Independent Chair, Dame Moira Gibb. Panel Membership includes:  Councillors Hamida Ali, Richard Chatterjee, Sean Fitzsimons, Clive Fraser, Simon Hall, Jason Perry, Joy Prince, Helen Redfern, Scott Roche; and Anne Smith (Independent Member from the Ethics Committee).  The Panel can also involve independent experts to support the review.

Scope and timescales of the review 

The scope of the review is to assess and review the Council’s governance arrangements, to bring together best practice and to develop a model tailored to the needs and aspirations of Croydon’s residents and stakeholders. 

The main goals of the review are to:

  • improve councillor involvement
  • improve local democracy and community participation
  • consider if a change in arrangements could improve the quality of decision making and  members’ involvement and participation. 

The Panel’s key tasks are to:

  • Hear the views of councillors and other stakeholders including residents, community and voluntary groups, business, MPs and other participants in local democracy;
  • Hear the views and seek advice from experts on participation in local democracy;
  • Identify those aspects of the council’s governance that works well and identify opportunities to improve councillor and other stakeholder participation in the local democratic processes;
  • Benchmark good practice from areas with higher levels of participation and consider how this can be delivered in Croydon;
  • Identify the cost and value for money implications of any recommendations that it makes.

The Panel will submit their final report detailing options and recommendations in December 2019. The Panel presented some early indications of  recommendation areas in a progress report to the July council meeting. 

The Panel is seeking the views of many groups in the borough as well as experts in the governance field and those with experience of other models of governance. 

If you are a resident, work or study in Croydon please consider filling in an online survey to help inform the work of the Panel. The survey will run from 6 September to 6 October 2019.

If you have any questions regarding the work of the Panel or would like to submit additional, written evidence / feedback for the Panel to consider, please email please quote ‘Governance Review’ in the subject of your email.

The Council’s Privacy Notice which details your data privacy rights, can be found here: