Sole occupier discount and disregarded persons

If you are the only adult living in your property, you can apply for a sole occupier discount of 25% off your bill.

The sole occupier discount can be awarded where there is only one adult over the age of 18 living at the property. This will give a council tax reduction of 25%.

Who is eligible for this discount

There is usually no discount if 2 or more adults live in your home. However, certain people are not counted because of their circumstances. These people are termed 'disregarded'.

If there is only one adult living in the property after we have excluded the 'disregarded' people, you will be entitled to a discount of 25%.

If all occupants are disregarded you will be entitled to a 50% discount or possibly an exemption.

Who is disregarded 

The following people are 'disregarded' or 'not counted' when we work out council tax discounts:

  • young people who are 18 years old, if child benefit is still in payment for them
  • 18 and 19 year olds in further education
  • recent school or college leavers if they are under 20 years old
  • full-time students
  • some foreign national spouses and dependents of full-time students
  • foreign language assistants
  • apprentices
  • youth training trainees
  • people who are 'severely mentally impaired'
  • some carers
  • prisoners and other people held in detention
  • residents of nursing homes, care homes and some hostels
  • members of religious communities, for example nuns and monks
  • patients living in hospital long term
  • members and their dependents of international headquarters and defence organisations such as NATO
  • members of visiting armed forces and their dependants
  • foreign diplomats

You can only get this discount based on your normal living situation. You can not get it if other people usually live with you but are away on a temporary basis. For example, you can not get this discount for the times when the other residents are on holiday or are working away from home.


If you or someone you live with has a disability, you may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of council tax you pay. This is called a reduction for disabilities.

How to apply

We will process your application as soon as possible. There may be a delay of up to 4 weeks. To apply, please complete this online form:

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