Thornton Heath 2022 election results

The result of the Thornton Heath election has been declared. Callton Young, Tamar Nwafor and Karen Jewitt have been elected as councillors for the ward.

Name of Candidate (surname first) Description (if any) Number of votes
Bamgbopa Folarin Olugbemga Local Conservatives 553
Barrett Andrew James Scott Liberal Democrats 546
Bradler Ian Peter Green Party 496
Harris Richard Local Conservatives 681
Hewlett Angus Floyd Green Party 400
Hoffman Marian Barbara Green Party 549
Jewitt Karen Angela Labour Party 2021 Elected
Lamaallam Hanan Taking the Initiative Party of Britain 180
Marquis Jillette Taking the Initiative Party of Britain 183
McLean Jason Taking the Initiative Party of Britain 122
Nwafor Tamar Antonnette Labour Party 1789 Elected
Perry Andrea Louise Independent 592
Tipton John Local Conservatives 600
Young Callton Lloyd Labour Party 1539 Elected

Below you can find information about rejected ballot papers, and the number of votes cast.

Rejected ballot papers

Reason ballot paper was rejected Number of ballot papers
Want of an official mark 0
Voting for more candidates than entitled to 10
Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified 0
Unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 8
Rejected in part 0

Election information

Election information Number
Number of vacant seats 3
Total number of ballot papers 3758
Total number of electors 12429
The percentage turnout 30.24%