Mayoral election results

The result of the Mayoral election has been declared. Jason Perry is the new Mayor of Croydon. More information about the Mayor can be found on our Mayor of Croydon pages.  

Name of Candidate Description (if any) First choice votes % of total first-choice votes Second-choice votes Total votes
HOWARD, Richard Michael Liberal Democrats 9967 10.39 N/A 9967
LONDON, Farah Taking the Initiative Party of Britain 5768 6.01 N/A 5768
MCKENZIE, Winston Truman Independent 1324 1.38 N/A 1324
PALMER, Gavin Francis Luffa Independent 1114 1.16 N/A 1114
PELLING, Andrew John Independent 6807 7.09 N/A 6807
PERRY, Jason Stephen Local Conservatives 33413 34.83 5199 38612
SHAWCROSS, Val Labour and Co-operative Party 31352 32.68 6671 38023
UNDERWOOD, Peter Green Party 6193 6.46 N/A 6193

Below you can find information about rejected ballot papers, and the number of votes cast.

Rejected ballot papers

Reason ballot paper was rejected First choice Second choice
Want of an official mark 7 N/A
Voting for more candidates than entitled to 1031 198
Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified 68 N/A
Unmarked 410 1545
Void for uncertainty 4 74

Election information

Election information Number
Total number of ballot papers 97,457
The percentage turnout 35%