Park Hill and Whitgift 2022 election results

The result of the Park Hill and Whitgift election has been declared. Jade Nadine Appleton have been elected as councillors for the ward.

Name of Candidate (surname first) Description (if any) Number of votes
Appleton Jade Nadine Local Conservatives 969 Elected
Cork James Alfred Arthur William Green Party 191
Erber Joseph Thomas Labour Party 424
Wagner Caleap Rico Taking the Initiative Party of Britain 54
Zaborski Szymon Liberal Democrats 167

Below you can find information about rejected ballot papers, and the number of votes cast.

Rejected ballot papers

Reason ballot paper was rejected Number of ballot papers
Want of an official mark 0
Voting for more candidates than entitled to 2
Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified 0
Unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 5
Rejected in part 0

Election information

Election information Number
Number of vacant seats 1
Total number of ballot papers 1812
Total number of electors 4307
The percentage turnout 42.07%