London Borough of Croydon

Remember to keep an eye on the weather -

Looking after yourself and your neighbours

Please prepare ahead of any cold, snowy or icy weather.  For example, make sure you have any medication you may need and check up on any elderly or vulnerable neighbours. Useful information can be found on the following sites:

Water leaks and burst pipes

Water leaks are always a hazard but can be worse during freezing temperatures.  If you do see a leak, please report it as soon as you can, detail of who is responsible for what kind of leak or flood can be found on our flooding pages.

Useful contacts for burst water mains and sewage are:

Council tenants with frozen pipes

Due to the severe weather conditions, there is exceptional demand on the repairs service. Many of the issues relate to frozen condense pipes, you can find advice and help on our housing repairs pages.


How do I check to see if my child’s school is closed?

For the latest information on all schools in the borough, please check your school's social media accounts, visit the OpenCheck website, or contact the school directly.

OpenCheck is provided through the London Grid for Learning and is updated by schools themselves.


What is the difference between salt and grit? 

There is no difference between grit and salt – both terms are interchangeable.

What roads are gritted?

We grit about 30% of the roads in Croydon, view the routes and find out more on our road gritting pages.

Where is my nearest grit bin? 

You can find the locations of all of the grit bins in the borough on our road gritting pages. Please do not use the salt in these bins for your own driveway as supplies are limited and these stocks are intended to help keep public roads and footpaths safe.

My nearest salt bin is empty – how do I get it restocked? 

Salt bins will be replenished as soon as is practicably possible.


Clearing snow from a road, path or cycleway

If you would like to, you can help us by clearing snow from a road, path or cycleway.  Here is some useful information from the Met Office and Gov.UK websites:

Waste and recycling

My collection day is today - will you still try and collect my waste / recycling?

We will try and keep to scheduled collections where it is safe to do so, but the severe weather have made many collections difficult

What happens if my bin hasn't been collected?

Please leave it out and it will be picked up as soon as it is safe to do so. We're aware of many streets which crews haven't been able to access and update a map of known missed streets daily.

Crews will be working over the weekend to catch up on missed collections.

My recycling box/recycling box lid, food caddy, refuse bin has gone missing in the snow. Where can I get a new one?

You can order a new one online using My Account or by calling 020 8726 6200.

My collection has been missed, how can I report it?

The best way to report any missed collection (recycling, landfill, food waste or textiles) is online through My Account.


Are libraries open as usual?

Libraries may have shorter opening hours, please call before visiting. View our library information pages.

I can't get to the library to return my library books – will I get fined? 

You will not be expected to pay fines on overdue items if a library has had to close due to snow.

If the library is open but you cannot get to it due to snow, you can renew your library books online.

You can also ring the library to renew or visit another Croydon library to return your books if it is easier for you.


I have parked/abandoned my car and now I can't get to it – will I get fined?

If there is snow on the ground and road markings cannot be seen then no penalty charge notice (PCN) would be issued. If your vehicle is issued a PCN whilst there is snow, you have the right to appeal.

My residents parking permit has expired and I can’t get to Access Croydon to renew it.  What should I do? 

You can now renew or apply for a parking permit online at parking permits services.