How the Big Lunch started

The Big Lunch was a very simple idea started in 2009 by the Eden Project. The aim is to get as many of the 64 million people in the UK as possible to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun, once a year. The idea grew out of national research showing that people were increasingly feeling isolated from their neighbours and that communities were not developing as they did in the past. Organisers say that while there is a significant minority of communities that are close-knit and act as a beacon for neighbourliness, many of the country's communities are, at best, anonymous.

Organising a Big Lunch street or park event?

We want to support local communities to ensure that everybody enjoys celebrating the Jubilee /Big Lunch by throwing a street or park event on one of the following dates Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June 2022. To aid this, the council has for these special occasions, committed to covering the cost of the Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) required for road closures. Please be mindful that you can only select one day out of the four days.

If you are planning to close your road or hold an event in one of the borough's parks or open spaces for the Big Lunch, there is certain information that we require. 

Each application to hold a street party will be considered on its own merit, and several things will be considered as part of the application process:

  • the street cannot be part of the main road network or have a bus route operating on it
  • very high traffic or pedestrian disruption would be created
  • nature of any objections to the event
  • if an extensive diversion route would be required, or clashes with works in place or other street parties already planned
  • the ability to maintain a route for emergency service vehicles
  • the Street Event may take place for a single day on any of the celebration periods (Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June) between the hours 9am to 11pm

Please note  traffic diversions for bus routes will not be put in place over the four days. If your road is used as bus route a road closure will not be granted. In addition there will be no parking suspensions put in place.

Remember if the road is not suitable you are able to apply to hold a party in other parks and open spaces, please consider this and safety of those attending when planning your event.