Croydon Equalities Pledges

The Croydon Equalities Pledge has been created so organisations can reinforce the borough’s commitment to treat everyone equally and fairly and giving them the freedom to be who they are.


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We are proud of the diversity of our borough. Croydon has continued to become one of the most diverse communities in London. We welcome people from different backgrounds, celebrate the diversity of our residents and tackle behaviour that is not in line with our equality values.  In 2019 we launched our Hate Crime Pledge to promote inclusiveness and diversity in Croydon. In order to become an even more welcoming borough, we have also been working closely with our community partners on two additional pledges.

We need your help

Croydon’s two equality pledges have been developed for all Croydon organisations (businesses, community groups, voluntary sector, private sector, statutory services and suppliers) who are based in our borough and organisations outside of the borough who supply goods and services to Croydon organisations. We ask organisations to adopt the pledges and to commit to enabling Croydon to become more inclusive, fairer, and safer for our residents, workers and visitors. Together we can be the change that we want to see in the world. In Croydon we believe that all organisations have a role to play in tackling inequalities. By adopting these pledges as an organisation, we commit to: 

Download the Croydon equalities pledge guidance (PDF, 238KB)