Business continuity

Business continuity is about ensuring that your organisation is able to continue to function during a disruptive incident.   The core types of disruption an organisation can prepare for are:

  • Loss of premises (e.g. uninhabitable due to fire damage, inaccessible as within a police cordon or due to public health restrictions)
  • Loss of ICT (e.g. software/hardware issues or telecommunications failure)
  • Loss of staff (e.g. transport disruptions, or a health pandemic)
  • Loss of supplier (e.g. going into administration, or are experiencing their own internal incident)

Some key resources to look at are

  • London Prepared – provide a lot of great resources to help you prepare your business for disruption. This includes guidance, templates and a 10 minute business continuity self-assessment.
  • The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) – provide lots of guidance, training courses, events and free webinars on all aspects of business continuity and organisational resilience.
  • CSSC Network – register with the Cross-Sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) network to receive communications from the Police and Government on issues surrounding security and business resilience.