When to make a referral to Early Help

You may need to refer a child or a young person to Early help if you are a professional who has concerns that a child or young person:

  • has additional needs that are not being met by universal services, such as their school or GP
  • is vulnerable to abuse or neglect

Submit a referral to SPOC

You will need to complete a referral 24 hours after calling the SPOC team. 

Follow the step by step process for submitting a referral.

How localities work with professionals

Professionals work across the locality areas by:

  • effectively identifying problems in the early stages by working with children and their families
  • aligning different services that provide ongoing coordinated and collaborated support – meaning the family will not need to be repeatedly assessed

Within the localities, the practitioners and partner agencies hold regular locality meetings and locality network events to keep up to date and aligned in their efforts to give support to families in Croydon.

Early Help is everyone’s responsibility

As described in the Croydon Partnership Early Help Delivery Plan early help is everyone’s responsibility.

We want the community to work together to provide families with the support they need to assist themselves, and to get additional support. This includes the help of:

  • schools
  • police
  • health
  • services for adults
  • children's social care
  • community organisations
  • faith groups

Download the Croydon Partnership Early Help Delivery Plan (PDF, 1.7MB)