Parenting programmes

The Croydon Support and Interventions team offer parenting programmes for parents and carers of children of all ages from 0 to 18 years.

Croydon Support and Intervention Team

The Croydon Support and Interventions team offer parenting programmes for parents and carers of children of all ages from 0 to 18 years. It is the single point of contact for parents, carers and professionals working with families who want to access parenting support or need some advice and guidance around local parenting services.

Parenting programmes can help you:

  • learn new skills and strategies to manage challenging behaviour as well as reinforce positive behaviour
  • become more confident in your parenting
  • encourage you to look after yourself
  • gain peer support from other parents and build your own support networks 
  • learn to promote your child’s development 

Who can access the programmes

All Croydon residents have access to the parenting programmes; they are also free of charge and run throughout the year with day and evening courses.

Types of programmes

To ensure families can access our programmes, we now run both face to face as well as virtual groups.

We have a range of different programmes, including:

  • Mellow bumps programme: a mother-to-be programme that decreases stress levels and helps you develop social interactions with your baby
  • Mellow Parents programme: reflective and practical techniques to allow parents to address personal challenges with themselves and their children
  • Triple P and Triple P Teen: parenting and family support system designed to prevent, as well as treat, behavioural and emotional problems in children
  • Stepping Stones: a strength-based parenting programme aimed at parents or carers who have a child aged 0 to 12 with a disability or special educational need.
  • Family Transitions: a group programme supporting parents or carers who are experiencing personal distress from separation or divorce, which is impacting on or complicating their parenting.

You can search for other parenting support in our directory. 

How to access parenting programmes

We run our programmes in a variety of settings, including children centres, schools and community buildings. You can get access to the programmes in a few different ways.

Through a professional referral

A professional, such as teacher or your GP, can make a referral for you and your family to receive support through one of our parenting programmes.

If you're a professional, follow the process to make a referral to the Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team.

By referring yourself

You can access the parenting programmes yourself by either:

  • speaking to a professional, for example a teacher, health visitor, GP or a social worker
  • contacting the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) team – the same route as a professional referral

Contact Croydon Support and Intervention Team

You can also contact Croydon Support and Interventions Team to get a referral to one of the parenting programmes.

Croydon Support and Intervention Team

If your family needs additional support

If your family is in need of additional support you can be referred by a professional, such as your Health Visitor or a Best Start support service you are part of, to Early Help Family Solution who will assess your needs and allocate you a family key worker.

Find out more about additional support through Early Help.