London Borough of Croydon

Terms and conditions

To apply for a skip permit, read the following terms and conditions and follow the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

  1. A skip(s) shall only be placed on the footway or highway verge with the council's express permission.
  2. A skip(s) shall be positioned so as not to obstruct access to any manhole or the apparatus of any statutory undertaker or the London Borough of Croydon's access to the highway to follow out its role as highway authority. The skip(s) should not be placed in such a way that it impedes the surface water drainage of the highway or access to any other premises unless the consent of the occupier of these premises has been obtained.
  3. The skip(s) deposited on the carriageway shall be so positioned that its longer sides are parallel to the edge of the carriageway and as near to the edge of the carriageway as is reasonably practicable.
  4. The skip(s) shall not be placed within 18.3 metres of road junctions, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, entrances or exits from schools or hospitals (and such other premises as the council may prescribe), or a bus stop, stand or terminus unless prior arrangements have been made with the bus operator(s) to reposition temporarily the stop, stand or terminus.
  5. The skip(s) shall not exceed 5 metres in length by 2 metres in width unless specifically authorised.
  6. Where more than one skip is on the highway at any one time, the skips shall be positioned as closely as possible to each other and the distance between skips shall not exceed 2 metres.
  7. The skip(s) shall not be dragged or pushed along the highway.
  8. The skip(s) while on the highway shall be marked, guarded and lit in accordance with the following requirements:

    A. The ends of the skip(s) (that is to say the sides of the skip facing traffic in both directions when the skip is positioned as mentioned in Condition 3 above) shall be painted yellow and there shall be attached as near as construction of skip(s) allows, to the top outer corners of the ends of the skip(s), subject to an overriding maximum height of 1.5 metres above the ground for the top of the marking, vertical red and yellow fluorescent reflective markings which should comply with the vertical version of those prescribed for use as rear markings on heavy goods vehicles in Regulations 16, 17 and Schedule 18 of The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1984 (SI 1984/812).

    The skip(s) shall also be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner's name and telephone number and/or address. The painting, markings and strips of reflective material shall at all times be kept clean.

    B. At night (that is to say, between half-an-hour after sunset and half-an-hour before sunrise), an amber lamp shall be placed against or attached to each corner of the skip or, where two or more skips are deposited in a row and the distance between adjacent skip(s) does not exceed 1 metre at the end corners of the row of skip(s) and intermediate lamps on each side at distances not exceeding 4 metres.

  9. No skip(s), when standing on the highway, shall contain any inflammable, explosive, noxious or dangerous material or any material likely to putrefy or which is, or is likely, to become a nuisance.
  10. No skip(s) shall be used in such a way that any of its contents fall on to the highway, or that there is an escape of dust from the contents of the skip when standing on the highway.
  11. Each skip(s) shall be removed for emptying as soon as practicable and in any case not later than two working days after it has been filled. The site is to be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  12. No skip(s) shall remain on the highway pursuant to this permission after the period of this permission specified overleaf (and any renewal granted under paragraph 12) has expired.
  13. Further to paragraph 11 consideration may be given to extend the period of consent, subject to application being made to the council at least two working days before the current consent is due to expire.
  14.  Nothing in this consent or in these conditions shall be deemed to affect or lessen the powers under Section 140 of the Highways Act 1980, of the London Borough of Croydon or of the Police to require the removal or re-positioning of the skip(s) from the highway. A person required to remove or reposition, or cause to be removed or repositioned, a skip(s) under a requirement made by virtue of Section140, subsection (2), Highways Act 1980 shall comply with the requirement within 24 hours, or immediately if  directed to do so by the London Borough of Croydon or the Police.
  15. The owner of the skip(s) (as defined under Section 139(11), of the Highways Act 1980) will indemnify the council against liability, loss, damage, claim or proceeding whatsoever arising under statute law or common law in respect of the placing and maintaining of the skip(s) on the highway or its removal there from. Where the skip(s) is removed by the council it shall where practicable, notify the owner of its removal but if the owner cannot be traced, or if after two weeks after being so notified, he has not recovered the skip, the council can dispose of the skip and its contents.
  16. The skip(s) owner will compensate the council for any expenses reasonably incurred by the council in the removal or repositioning of the skip(s), or the disposal of the skip(s) and its contents. Failure to do so will result in legal action by the council to recover the expenses. References to expenses made in this document, also include expenses incurred in storing the skip(s) until it is recovered by the owner, or as the case may be, disposed of.
  17. The skip(s) owner will compensate the council for any remedial work that has been undertaken by the council or its contractors to rectify damage caused by the skip, its positioning, the skip contents, or by the picking up or setting down of the skip or any other damage caused to the highway, or council property by the skip or skip vehicles.
  18. The skip owner must be a registered waste carrier and must have public liability insurance cover (or the equivalent which offers the necessary insurance cover to members of the general public) for the duration that the skip is placed on the highway. Before a skip permit is granted, the skip(s) owner agrees to provide full details of insurance and any certificates that may be requested by the council.
  19. Once a valid application for a skip permit has been submitted and the approval process started then no refunds will be made. Where parking restrictions apply applicants must obtain any necessary exemption from Parking Services prior to completing the application.

Legal information

Section 139 (11) of the Highways Act 1980 contains the following definition: "Owner" in relation to a builder's skip which is the subject of a hiring agreement, being an agreement for a hiring of not less than one month, or a hire purchase agreement, means the person in possession of the skip under that agreement.

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