London Borough of Croydon

Skip guidelines

Skips on highways must not contain inflammable, explosive or noxious materials; or anything likely to cause nuisance to highway users.

The content of the skip must be covered (damped-down) to prevent dust or spillage on the highway.

The skip must not be overloaded and must be removed when full.

Skips must not interfere with access to neighbouring properties.

If the council requests that a skip is moved or removed, the skip supply company must comply within 24 hours (immediately if the skip is causing an obstruction, nuisance or hazard).

The above is a summary of the type of conditions that the council imposes on the granting of the skip licence. The full terms and conditions are displayed during the application process.

Restrictions on the location of skips

Skips should never be placed on a red route (A22, A23 & A232). TfL is responsible for red route skip permits.

Restrictions on the placement of skips apply to the following roads:

  • Clifton Road
  • George Street, Croydon
  • High Street, Croydon
  • Holmesdale Road
  • London Road
  • Park Road
  • Park Street, Croydon
  • Portland Road, South Norwood
  • Sangley Road
  • Selhurst Road
  • South Norwood Hill
  • Tennison Road
  • Whitehorse Lane

If a skip is required for any of the above locations, you must contact the Highways Section for special authorisation.

If permission is given, it is likely that special conditions or restrictions on the location, collection and pick up will apply, which the skip supply company must adhere to.

Skips placed within controlled parking zones, must be located either in a parking bay or on a yellow line.

Apply for a parking dispensation or parking suspension

Visit suspensions and dispensations for more details on how to apply.

Skips off carriageways

If permission is granted to place skips on a footway or grass verge, a deposit may be payable to cover any damage which may be caused.

Legal notice

Failure to comply with these guidelines, pay all charges or refuse to remove or move a skip if requested by the council; may result in the refusal to grant or the revocation of a skip licence. This would render the skip illegal and the skip supply company would be liable to prosecution. 


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