London Borough of Croydon

New fee taking effect on 1 February 2019

From 1 February 2019 the fee for a container licence will be £283 per 4 weeks.

Licence summary

You will need a licence from the council to place a container on the public highway.

Eligibility criteria

  • A licence is valid for four weeks and can only be obtained once a site meeting has taken place with an area enforcement officer.
  • At the expiration of the period of consent the container shall be removed from the highway and the site left in a clean and tidy condition.
  • The container shall not exceed 5m (16'6") in length by 2m (6'6") in width.
  • The container shall not be placed within 18.3 m (60') of a road junction, bus stop (stand or terminal), traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, entrance to, or exit from schools, hospitals or works.
  • The container shall be placed on the carriageway with the long side parallel to the kerb at 250mm (10") out in the position agreed by the area enforcement officer. It shall be sited so as not to impede the surface water drainage of the street nor obstruct access to any manhole or apparatus of any statutory undertaker or of the council, nor obstruct access to any other premises unless the consent of the occupier of those premises has been obtained.
  • The container shall not be dragged or pushed along the highway in any way which causes or may cause damage to the highway.
  • The container shall not be deposited on any of the footway or verge at any time nor shall the container be transported over the footway nor shall any part of the transporting vehicle be on the footway when depositing or uplifting the container.
  • Single containers shall have at least four lights one at each corner during the hours of darkness and clearly visible to all traffic.
  • The container shall when deposited be clearly and indelibly marked with the owners name and with his telephone number or address.
  • No containers on the highway shall contain any inflammable, explosive, noxious or dangerous material or any material, which is likely to putrefy, or which is likely to become a nuisance to users of the highway.

Legislation summary

We can serve notice under the appropriate section of the Highways Act 1980 to deal with the removal of the obstruction.

For information and advice please contact us on the details below.

Application evaluation process

Once your application is received, an area enforcement officer will contact you to make arrangements to carry out a site inspection.

The inspection will be to ensure that the proposed work will not cause an inconvenience or any risk to a road user's health and safety.

Permission may be given subject to conditions which may relate to the following: approved footpath / road closure, nature of work, timescale and the impact on local amenities.

At all times applicants must maintain a satisfactory walk way to pedestrians and consideration for disabled people by allowing a walk way of a minimum 1.2m width.

Will tacit consent apply?

No. Your licence will only be issued to you when the site visit has taken place.

How to apply

Applications and payment are only accepted online, please use the 'Pay for it' link on the left to apply.

Licenses are valid for four weeks. You should submit the fee of:

  • £283 for four weeks licence fee
  • £50 per sqm bond payment on enclosed highway.

The bond will be refunded after the completion of work and providing there is no damage to the enclosed public land.

If you already hold a licence and would like to extend you will need to submit a fee payment and provide the new dates.

Failed application redress

Any person who is refused a licence can appeal to the Croydon Magistrates Court, Barclay Road, Croydon CR9 3NG.

Licence holder redress

Any licence holder who objects to any of the licensing conditions as detailed in the attached guidance notes, may appeal to the Croydon Magistrates Court, Barclay Road, Croydon CR9 3NG.

Consumer complaint

Area enforcement officer to investigate and pursue complaint.

Customer complaint

We would always advise in the first instance that in the event of a complaint you make contact with the contractor directly, if you are not satisfied with the response please contact the area enforcement team on the details below.


Streetscene (Admin)

020 8726 6200
Address Line:

Bernard Weatherill House

5th Floor, Zone D

8 Mint Walk




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