London Borough of Croydon

Let’s make Croydon a Living Wage borough

The London Living wage makes a positive difference to people’s lives. As part of our drive to achieve increased financial security and greater independence for local people, we would like all Croydon employers, big or small, to become London Living Wage accredited employers by 2020. This will also help us work towards making Croydon the best borough to live, work and socialise in.

Hear Councillor Tony Newman, Leader of Croydon Council setting this challenge to all Croydon businesses:

And watch this video to hear from Councillor Watson, cabinet member for economy and jobs, about why paying the Living Wage is good for Croydon:

By becoming accredited, you are proving to your staff that they are valued and respected. It could also benefit your business - organisations already paying the Living Wage have reported:

  • Reduction in staff absence and turnover;
  • Improvements in quality of work, and;
  • A stronger corporate reputation

Check out what Abbi Whitcombe, HR Manager, IKEA Croydon, had to say about why paying the Living Wage is good for business:

Check out these videos to hear some actual examples of the benefits paying the London Living Wage makes to employees and employers.

Jodi, COOK - Living Wage Testimony

The Living Wage. Pastor Suzette

Living Wage Testimonies

If you would like to find out more, or register your interest to become a living wage employer, please visit the Living Wage Foundation website 

Our London Living Wage journey

Our staff are our most valuable asset, and it's important to us that they feel valued and respected. We know that those who live in London face far higher living costs than people from other parts of the UK. The London Living Wage goes some way to help workers earn a wage that gives them enough to provide for themselves and their families. That’s why we have made a voluntary commitment to become accredited with the Living Wage Foundation to pay our staff the London Living Wage. And it doesn't stop there! In our drive to achieve increased financial security and greater independence for local people we're working with our contractors and partners, including schools, to get them signed up to the London Living Wage.

See the difference getting paid the Living Wage makes to Philip’s life:

What is the London Living Wage?

The Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay, which is calculated according to the cost of living. On the 31 October 2016, the London Living Wage was set at £9.75 for the coming year. It is reset each year during Living Wage Week (first week of November).

It’s different from the government’s ‘national living wage’ which is based on median earnings not on the cost of living. It’s also different in that the national living wage has the same rate for the whole of the UK, and the London Living Wage is a separate rate to reflect the higher cost of living in London.

For details on how the London Living Wage is calculated please visit the Living Wage Foundation website

What are the benefits of becoming accredited with the Living Wage Foundation?

Paying the London Living Wage is like a badge of honour for employers. In addition to the benefits listed above, accredited businesses can take advantage of a range of other perks which are listed on the Living Wage Foundation’s website.