Home catering has increased over recent years. It is essential that home caterers are routinely inspected along with retailers and restaurants to ensure the public are protected. This includes people who make jam, chutney, cakes and drinks.

Food business registration

It is a requirement that all food businesses register with us.

Food hygiene training

You are required to have food hygiene training and you should be able to show that you have had suitable training. A certificate in food hygiene would be acceptable.

Find out more about food safety training on the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health website.

Risk assessment

Caterers should have an understanding of the hazards in your business and should do all you can to minimise the risks from these hazards, such as temperature monitoring.

The assessing of risks in your business must be written down. You can use the safer food, better business pack on the Food Standards Agency website.

Operation of the business

All businesses must comply with the law, Regulation (EC) 852/2004 on Hygiene of Foodstuffs - legislation.gov.uk. We can provide additional guidance on these standards but this is a basic guide to food hygiene:

  • food preparation surfaces and equipment should be easy to clean, kept clean and be in good repair
  • chilled food must be kept below 8ºC
  • foods must be stored and transported in hygienic conditions and under proper temperature control when necessary
  • a wash hand basin, with hot water, soap and towels, must be easily accessible from the kitchen, preferably in the kitchen itself, and should be designated for handwashing only
  • there must be adequate facilities for washing and sanitising equipment and food - this will generally mean a double sink or a single sink and dishwasher
  • pets should be kept out of the kitchen when it is being used for your business
  • all surfaces should be disinfected before starting food preparation to ensure there is no risk of contamination of food from hairs and other matter
  • the kitchen should be well lit and ventilated
  • it may be necessary to obtain a trade refuse contract with the council contractor or another trade refuse company to ensure regular refuse collections are made

Labelling and packaging of food

Any food for sale to another business must be properly labelled and packaged.

For more on food labelling and packaging, go to the Food Standards Agency website and consult the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 on legislation.gov.uk.


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