London Borough of Croydon

Food safety and food hygiene services & information

  • Advice for consumers

    Food businesses have a legal duty to sell only food that is fit to eat, is of a satisfactory standard of quality and is labelled properly.

  • Food safety team

    Our aim is to provide high quality advice to both consumers and businesses and to ensure that food premises operate within the law and sell food which is safe to eat.

  • Food and feed inspections

    We carry out regular inspections of all of Croydon's food businesses to ensure that they meet health and safety legislation.

  • Food hygiene and health and safety training

    When running a food business, you must know how to run the business hygienically and to work safely. The staff who handle food must be supervised and trained and/or instructed to work safely.

  • Advice for businesses

    Advice on the management of a food business, food labelling, how to produce safe food for customers, cleaning your business, pest control, catering from home and catering at outdoor events.

  • Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

    We carry out a risk based programme of food hygiene inspections to ensure that food sold to the public is safe to consume.

  • Food premises registration

    All food businesses must be registered with Croydon Council. Register online or download the form and post it to us.

  • Approval of a food business

    We are required to inspect and grant permission for premises to handle, process and manufacture products of animal origin such as meat, dairy, egg or fish. This is called the process of Approval.

  • Food alerts

    Food safety alerts are issued by the Food Standards Agency