Procurement guidance and regulations

Regulations and guidance on council tenders and contracts.

Many businesses supply goods and services to the council. If you're a businesses that is looking to contract with us, you should have some insight into our buying policies and the rules and procedures we have to follow.

You can also search our current contracts and tenders.

Our policies and regulations

Croydon Council tenders and contracts regulations (PDF, 956KB)
All contracts covered by these regulations will be cost effective, efficient and add value to life experiences of the people and communities of Croydon. All council officers involved in the commissioning and procurement process must comply with these regulations.

Croydon Council commissioning framework, 2019 to 2023 (PDF, 7.4MB)
Sets out our  commissioning principles and our approach to ensuring the services we deliver  meet local needs and deliver value for money.

Cost of commissioned home and residential care 2021 to 2022
Details of our Living Wage support for commissioned home and residential/nursing care providers for the financial year 2021 to 2022.

Social value policy - Value Croydon (PDF, 7MB)
See our framework for maximising the social value, or social benefit, achieved from all commissioning and procurement activities.

Social value toolkit (PDF, 3MB)
The Social Value toolkit aims to provide best practice principles to ensure that the most effective services are delivered, making the best use of resources. It is largely targeted at commissioners and those responsible for procurement in the council, but can be also used for further context and guidance by providers to consider social value aspects of their solutions

Croydon Council Premier Supplier Programme
Enables suppliers to be paid earlier than the standard terms in return for a small rebate deduction.

Supplier invoices and payments

Council’s P2P process

The Council operates a Purchase to Pay Process (P2P) for all supplier payments. 

Purchase Orders (PO’s)

  • Suppliers must not carry out any works, services or provide goods until they are in receipt of a valid PO
  • Purchase orders will be sent directly to suppliers via email 
  • The terms and conditions on the back of the PO will be the contract for all work, goods and services carried out (unless a signed contract is in place).


  • Invoices must be submitted via email to (or if signed up to the premier supplier programme-PSP)
  • All invoices must contain a valid PO number
  • Invoices will be processed from the date of receipt, not invoice date. It is therefore very important that suppliers submit invoices to the correct mailbox
  • Valid invoices will be paid within 30 days of receipt (unless signed up to PSP).
  • Premier supplier Programme (PSP) 
  • Croydon is offering accelerated payment with no factoring, no borrowing, no credit checks and no complicated processes. It offers:
    • faster payment
    • fast-tracked invoice processing and dedicated contacts for when you need to get in touch 
    • fair and transparent pricing
    • No sign up or admin costs, just a small percentage fee deducted from each invoice. 

For more details see  (London Borough of Croydon | Premier Supplier Programme (

Supplier portal 

Suppliers should now have access to self-service iSupplier portal to allow them visibility of purchase orders and payments. If you require any assistance in relation to the supplier portal please view the video below or see the supplier user guide. When amending details on the portal (e.g. bank details, address etc.) please do not overwrite existing records but add an additional record, otherwise your request will be rejected and you will need to resubmit.

If you have any queries in the first instance please contact the officer who raised the PO. This information will be included on the PO.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship with your company.

Introduction to the Supplier Portal

Equality in Croydon  
Read about our commitment to equality and the Opportunity and Fairness Commission.

Purchase order terms and conditions (PDF, 58KB)

Standard terms and conditions, provision of service conditions of contract – long form (Word, 130KB)

Standard terms and conditions, provision of service conditions of contract – short form (Word, 130KB)

Invitation to tender and instructions for tendering (Word, 636KB)

Tender responses (Word, 303KB)

National policies and regulations

Public procurement policy - GOV.UK

Modern slavery - GOV.UK 

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation - GOV.UK

The Living Wage Foundation

The Social Value Act - introductory guide - GOV.UK

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