Who can apply

Only skip companies can apply for a skip permit

A permit is required if you wish to place a builder's skip on any part of the highway.

Christmas and New Year skip permits 2021/22

If you want a skip permit to cover between 20 December 2021 and 3 January 2022, please make sure we receive your application by midnight on 10 December. Applications received after this date will not be guaranteed for these dates.

Notice period for a skip permit

A minimum notice period of 5 working days is required prior to the start date of the permit when submitting a new application.  Do not include bank holidays in the 5 working days notice period.
Applications received with the same day start date or a short notice period will be rejected and fees non-refundable. Renewals require a minimum 1 working day notice.

The submission of a licence request does not automatically grant permission to place a skip on the road.

A licence application is submitted for consideration only and needs to be approved by the council before permission is granted. Please ensure the application is approved.

A licence can be refused if an officer deems the location to be unsuitable or dangerous.

Example 5 Working Days’ Notice Period 

5 Working days’ notice ( Standard working days Monday to Friday)
The day you submit the application is not included as this can be varying times.

For example if you apply on a Thursday 3rd then the start date will be 11th see calendar below. 

Counting 5 working days -  Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the start date will be Friday 11th.

Calender with 5 working days highlighted