Make a Housing Benefit claim

Most people should make a claim for Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. Only certain groups of people are entitled to Housing Benefit, including people of state pension age.

Universal Credit and Housing Benefit

If you need help with your housing payments, you should apply for Universal Credit on GOV.UK.

Some people may be entitled to Housing Benefit instead. This includes people who

  • are of state pension age 
  • live in supported accommodation (hostels or sheltered housing) 
  • live in temporary accommodation provided by Croydon Council

Find out more about Housing Benefit on GOV.UK.

Make a new Housing Benefit claim

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Once you have completed your application, remember to send us the information requested in the evidence checklist listed in the form within 1 month of applying. We will not be able to assess your claim until we receive all your evidence. 

See how much Universal Credit or Housing Benefit you might get

To see much Universal Credit you may receive, use a benefits calculator - GOV.UK

To see how much Housing Benefit you may receive, use our benefits calculator.

Calculations are estimates and may change once your claim has been fully assessed. 

Council Tax Support

If you need help with paying your Council Tax, you must apply for Council Tax Support separately, as this is not included in your Universal Credit payment.

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