The Household Support Fund (HSF) grant is to support those most in need this winter. The grant will be available until 31 March 2022 (subject to fund availability). 

The HSF grant is a one off award and can help to buy:

  • food
  • gas or electricity top-ups
  • other essentials items (including beds and essential white goods)


To be considered you must be:

  • a Croydon resident 
  • over 16 years of age
  • in urgent financial need and unable to get support elsewhere

What you need before you apply

You will need to submit the following evidence/documents with your application form:

  • identification, such as birth certificate, passport, or driving license 
  • proof of one month bank statement for all bank accounts – bank balance to include the date submitting application form.
  • proof of all income, such as full UC statement, last month payslips
  • budget planner (Excel doc, 80KB)

How to apply

To apply or refer someone, please download the Household Support Fund application (DOC, 29KB).

Send applications to the Discretionary Support Team at

Please send your supporting evidence with your application to prevent a delay in processing your application.

We are accepting self-referrals or referrals made by any frontline professionals who provide support to your household. 

If you are requesting assistance for food vouchers during school holiday time and your child attends a Croydon school and is in receipt of free school meals, you should make contact with your child’s school.

The HSF grant will end on 31 March 2022 

Privacy Notice

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