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As well as reporting changes to us, you should report changes to DWP if you are claiming Universal Credit.

What counts as a change in circumstances

Any change that impacts one of the following:

  • the number of people in your household, including new births, people moving in and out or if someone passes away
  • you, your partner or a member of your household’s income, job, work hours, student loans, or savings 
  • you or your children’s education
  • child benefit or child care costs
  • your rent or how we pay your rent
  • where you live

This is not a complete list. If you are not sure whether the change affects your benefits, tell us anyway.

When to tell us about a change

You must tell us as soon as a change happens or as soon as you find out about the change. It is important you keep us up to date and it is your responsibility to do so.

If your income goes up and you don’t tell us, we may pay you too much benefit that you are not entitled to. If you are overpaid you will need to pay it back. You may lose benefit if you delay telling us about a change.

How to tell us about a change

You will need to show evidence of your change in circumstances, for example:

  • rent increase - provide your new tenancy agreement
  • pay increase - provide your pay slips
  • new household member(s) - provide birth certificates or moving date confirmation

Download a list of changes and evidence needed.

The quickest and easiest way to let us know is online.

You can give us the information we need process your change by using the evidence upload in the benefit section of My Account.

You can register for My Account. If you have problems logging in, visit our technical support page.  

How change will affect your benefits

Use our benefits calculator to see an estimate of what your new benefit entitlement will be.


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