Extra care housing

Extra care housing provides care and support 24 hours a day. It is different to a care home as you have a separate residence and front door.

Extra care housing offers the freedom to continue living independently in the community within a self-contained property, as a tenant with tenant’s rights and with on-site care and support services, tailored to meet your needs. The service has:

  • on site staff day and night
  • close transport links
  • gardens and communal spaces
  • activities to engage tenants
  • 24 hour care and support


Extra care is available to people who:

  • are aged 55 years and older, although in certain circumstances exceptions can be made
  • live in the borough of Croydon and are eligible for registration under the housing application and transfer scheme
  • are a nominee to Croydon under the mobility scheme, having a specific need to be near relatives or close friends in the borough
  • have support or personal care needs which cannot be met where they live
  • have the capacity to sign a tenancy agreement, or have someone with a power of attorney or deputyship who can sign on your behalf
  • agree to a financial assessment and pay any necessary contributions identified through assessment

The application process

If you meet the eligibility criteria either you, a friend or relative can contact adult social care to make an application. A social worker will visit you to assess your care needs and, if appropriate, a special sheltered application will be put forward on your behalf. At this time, you will also need to complete a housing application form.

Once accepted for extra care, a visit will be arranged to a unit of your choice where you'll be given information about the unit and have the chance to ask questions.

The social worker will complete a care plan with you to identify all the help you need, such as assistance with:

  • personal care
  • laundry
  • support with medication, if necessary
  • any other needs

When you request support, we will offer you the support that suits your needs best, not just the type you apply for. 

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The tenant is responsible for paying their rent and council tax. If you are on a lower income, you may be eligible for housing and council tax benefit. A service charge is included with rent which, depending on the scheme, could cover some fuel charges, and the cleaning and maintenance of shared areas and gardens.

You will need to contribute towards the support provided in the scheme, the alarm call service and the care that you receive, but only after a financial assessment by the council of your ability to pay.


There are 6 extra care facilities across the borough. Each service is registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

If you wish to visit one of the units, contact them to make an appointment.