London Borough of Croydon

Parking, streets and transport

Parking, streets and transport services & information

  • Parking in Croydon

    Includes parking permits; parking fines; where you can park and more

  • School Travel Plans (STP)

    Active travel to schools or places of education - on foot, bicycle or public transport - is supported and promoted by Croydon Council. Working alongside teams involved with education

  • Roads and pavements

    Includes; reporting potholes, street lighting problems, road closures information, public rights of way and more

  • Street care and cleaning

    Includes street cleaning; fly-tipping; abandoned vehicles and more

  • Road safety

    Includes road safety information for schools; school crossing patrols, 20mph schemes and more

  • Transport policies and general information

    Includes Croydon's local implementation plan; sustainable school transport and more

  • Public transport

    External organisations, telephone numbers and web links.