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Active, safe and sustainable travel to and from school

Active travel - on foot, bicycle or public transport - is supported and promoted by Croydon council. Working alongside teams involved with education, Croydon Healthy Schools, public health, pollution and highways. The work is funded by Transport for London (TfL) and the council. The way a school or college and nearby roads and pavements are built and run makes a difference to how active and how safe pupils and students are when getting to and from their site each day.

The council expects educational establishments to manage that activity by writing and updating a school travel plan (STP). An STP is required in support of any larger planning application by the school. The benefits of a good STP are:

  • an increase in sustainable means of travel (such as walking, scooting, cycling or using public transport) and reduced car travel to school
  • healthier, more active pupils and staff
  • reduced risk of accident and improved air quality around the school site
  • fewer cars and less congestion around the school results in safer walking, scooting and cycling routes
  • increase in the school’s reputation as well as opportunity for Croydon Healthy School and Eco School accreditation

School travel plans and STARS accreditation

An up to date school travel plan shows that your school or college is taking responsibility for the safety and fitness of the young people in their care. A travel plan identifies the travel issues for your school, requests changes that would make routes to school safer for walking and cycling, and sets out the travel activities during the year to encourage active travel and to better manage car use and parking, and safe use of public transport. In Croydon we encourage schools to create their STP via the STARS accreditation scheme.

You can create or update an existing school travel at Transport for London.

There are plenty of travel activities which count towards STARS accreditation and it’s more than likely that your school is already engaging in many such as:

You can find more activity examples by visiting TfL Stars website

By meeting certain criteria and running a set amount of travel activities, school can achieve STARS accreditation. Once STARS accredited, you gain eligibility to apply for STARS specific funding from TfL such as cycle grants for schools or the cycle parking programme. More information on the criteria can be found at:

STARS accredited schools are invited to the prestigious STARS seminars, where schools come to collect their award and celebrate all the hard work that they have been doing to champion active, sustainable travel and road safety.

Most initiatives offered are either free or funded by Transport for London and the council.

STARS accreditation outcomes for the 2016-17 academic year can be found on page 3 on autumn’s school travel news at the bottom of this page.

STARS workshops and training sessions

We run workshops and training sessions to enable schools with an opportunity to work closely with their borough officer to create or update their travel plan, apply for funding opportunities and share best practice. October 2017 dates can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

Junior travel ambassadors (JTAs)

Junior travel ambassadors (JTA) encourages peer-to-peer engagement to promote safer, active and independent travel within the school community in a fun and engaging way. The JTA scheme gives pupils all the support and resources they need to spread important messages while building skills for life. 

Mini grants for schools

Each financial year Croydon council offers schools that have achieved or are working towards STARS accreditation the opportunity to bid for funding to support small school travel related projects and travel activities. Schools that have achieved (or are working towards) bronze, silver or gold STARS accreditation can apply for up to £200, £400 and £600 respectively.

Examples of travel activities include:

  • walkers / bikers breakfast - run a breakfast club and provide free breakfasts for those pupils who walk, scoot or cycle to school
  • cycling / walking club - purchase equipment for activities
  • scooter storage - request a scooterpod for pupils to store their scooters in during the school day
  • balance bikes - some schools have used the funding to purchase a small number of balance bikes to aid in teaching their early years how to cycle

If you have any funding queries, contact Lewis Campbell.

Cycle storage for schools

Croydon council offers schools who are working towards STARS accreditation the opportunity to bid for small items of scooter and cycle storage such as toast racks and minipods. Applications can be requested from Lewis Campbell.

Walk to school

Walking is the simplest way to travel short distances like the walk to school. Walking with friends is a social activity which engages children’s minds before they arrive so that their brain is stimulated and ready for school. Walking also has many proven health benefits, one of which is the release of endorphins around the body. This results in the children arriving feeling good which then means they are in a positive mind-set and ready to engage in their education.

The council supports schools wishing to be part of the national Walk on Wednesday (WoW) scheme, which is well loved by children, and provides excellent teaching material for teachers.

Visit for more information. 

Secondary schools and colleges

Young people travelling more independently to secondary school and college can make use of excellent public transport in Croydon. They can also receive bikeability training in order to encourage them to cycle to school. There’s still loads of activities that secondary schools can get involved in.

Some secondary school activity examples are:

Free cycle training

Cycle training can be booked online for schools throughout the year. Most secondary schools in Croydon require students to reach cycle training level 2.1 before granting permission for students to cycle to school. Students can then train for level 3 which is the highest grade attainable. Visit cycling instructor to find out more.

1 to 1 adult cycle skills training is available - the first 2 hour cycle lesson is free! Cycling Instructor also run regular 4 week courses called on your bike to build your cycling skills and increase your confidence.

Eco schools

Get the whole school and community involved in caring for the local environment. Having a school travel plan that is less than 3 years old counts for achievement of the transport theme. 

Healthy schools

Much of the work you do for STARS and your travel plan can support your work towards Healthy Schools Croydon. Healthy Schools Croydon also requires that you are working towards having a valid, STARS accredited school travel plan. If you do not know the status of your school travel plan please contact Lewis Campbell.


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