London Borough of Croydon

A traffic management order (TMO) is a statutory legal document used to support enforceable traffic or highway measures. It covers the main types of traffic and parking orders.

TMOs are used to protect people and traffic using the borough's roads and to prevent damage to the roads or to buildings or structures on or near the roads.

When they are used

TMOs are used to enforce:

  • road closures
  • 20mph speed limits zones
  • one-way traffic movement
  • certain types of traffic movement, for example access and turning restrictions
  • cycle and bus lanes
  • waiting and loading restrictions

Emergency road closures may be enforced when there is an immediate danger to the public due to situations such as road subsidence or a dangerous building.

Draft orders detailing schemes are sent to the statutory consultees such as Transport for London (TfL), the police and local councillors. Notices are also placed on street lights in the affected roads.

For more information on current orders see permanent road traffic orders and temporary road traffic orders.


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