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Road works

View all current and planned road works in Croydon and London on TfL's register of London roadworks or UK wide on Information on these sites includes work carried out by utility companies that are not fully under the council's control.

Temporary traffic signals and road closures


Heath Rd Closed

SGN Mains replacement 04/07-19/07 Heath road closed.

49 Clifton Road.

Multi-way signals. SGN new service. 06/0720-15/07/2020.

Roke Road

Roke Road is closed at the junction with Oaks Way, due to an urgent water main repair. Until 10th July.

121 Brigstock Road.

Two-way signals. UKPN connection. 15/07/20-21/07/2020.

77 Portland Road.

Multi-way signals. Thames Water Valve repack. 13/07/20-15/07/2020.

5 Zermatt Road.

Two-way signals. Thames Water Service Pipe Relay. 14/07/20 - 16/07/2020.

17 Melfort Road.

Two-way signals. Thames Water. Service pipe relay. 20/07/20-24/07/2020.

137 Brigstock road.

SGN. Mains replacement. Two-way signals. 25/07-02/08/2020.

Limes road. Closed.

SGN mains replacement. 27/07/2020-10/-8/2020.

Clarence road jun Sydenham Road.

Two-way signals. SGN Mains replacement. 27/07/20-10/08/2020.


210 Whitehorse Road.

Two-way signals. New water connection. Thames water. 03/08/20-11/08/2020.

68 Woodside Green.

Two-way signals. Thames Water service pipe relay. 03/08/20-07/08/2020.



Portland road junc South Norwood Hill & High Street.

Multi-way signals. UKPN new connection. One night 3rd Sep 19:00-06:30.


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