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Upcoming works

Old Lodge Lane: 1 to 14 April 2017

Network Rail will carry out repairs to the bridge at Old Lodge Lane. It is the bridge between Watney Close and Brighton Road so not the same one they have just replaced. 

Blackhorse Lane Bridges August 2016 to November 2018

An update on the proposed interim measures for the London Tram Bridge was received today for your information as shown below.

21/04/17 Blackhorse Lane London Tram Bridge Progress Update

Contractors on site includes Bam Nuttall – Principal Contractor, Alltask - Scaffolding, Mistras - Monitoring install and Aecom – bridge Inspection.

No health and safety issues to report. All operatives have been briefed to keep noise to a minimum.

Progress Week Commencing 17 April 2017
  • Southern Gas Network have completed gas mains protection works, and final road reinstatement works to be completed Friday morning.
  • Bam Nuttall commenced site set up on Wednesday. Fencing around the site and 5no. cabins have been installed. Installation of power, IT, and water tank to be completed on Friday.
Trackside works
  • Scaffold is progressing well and will be substantially be completed during the next shift on Friday Night. Saturday night will also be utilised by Alltask to complete the east side which includes crash deck and debris netting.
  • Aecom  completed the inspection above the westbound track on Thursday night, during the next shift on Friday night they intend to complete the inspection above the eastbound track.
  • Mistras  commenced the monitoring installation on the eastbound side (north abutment). They will utilise the 23:00 to 01:00 occupation during the next shift on Friday night to carry out work to the track side cabinet and continue with the installation under the bridge.
Planned works: week commencing 24 April 2017
  • Removal of coping stone and eastside parapet, and removal of Westside mesh fence.
  • Cut out trench beyond abutment – north and southeast section.
  • Break out and removal of fill material beyond abutment – east section.
  • Install waterproofing to head wall – east section.
Trackside works
  • Installation of Westside scaffold and crash deck.
​Key Issues and notes
  • Works progressing well. No issues to report.


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