London Borough of Croydon

Roads and pavements services & information

  • Highway management

  • Roads

    Find out about scheduled road and pathway closures, road maintenance, our road user forum and much more.

  • Pavements

    How to report a dropped kerb, and information about obstructed pavements and pavement maintenance.

  • Street lighting

    We are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of street lights and the maintenance of traffic signs, illuminated bollards and beacons in the borough.

  • Highway gazetteer

    The highway gazetteer contains a list of adopted and un-adopted streets in the borough.

  • Highway repairs and responsibilities

    Responsibility for Croydon's roads and highways are shared between Croydon Council and Transport for London.

  • New street procedure

    Information regarding the Advance Payments Code and entering into a road making agreement

  • Public rights of way

    Find out what we are responsible for and whether a footpath is a public right of way.

  • New streets specification

    Information on the design and specifications of new streets in the borough under Section 38 and 33 agreements.

  • Section 278 agreements

    Arranging highways works with the use of section 278 agreements.

  • Selling vehicles on the highway

    About the rules and regulations that apply to selling vehicles on the highway.

  • Stopping up and diversion of highways

    We may authorise the stopping up or diversion of any highway in the borough for approved development works.

  • What can I do to reduce vehicle pollution?

    Trams, trains, buses, bikes, car share and walking - active, enjoyable and green ways of travelling.

  • Street works licence

    You will need to apply for a licence under Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act if you wish to excavate the public highway to install or maintain apparatus (such as cables, ducts and pipes) and are unable to act under a statutory undertaker’s licence.