London Borough of Croydon

Parking permits services & information

  • Apply for or renew a resident parking permit

    If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) you can apply for a resisident parking permit or renew and existing resident parking permit. 

  • Changes to your permit

    If you move property, change your vehicle, Loose your permit, use a courtesy car or change other information relating to your permit, please let us know.

  • Charity permits

    Apply, renew or check the requirements for a charity parking permit.

  • Permit zone maps

    View an online map of permit zones or download individual zones.

  • All zone permits

    Apply for an all zone on-street permit to park in any bay within the borough marked as pay and display or permit holders.

  • Disabled permits and blue badges

    Details of entitlements available to disabled permit and blue badge holders.

  • Definition of an alternative fuel vehicle

    How we describe alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Visitors permits

    Get information on how to apply and pay for visitors parking permits.

  • Car park permits

    View a map of council operated car parks and apply for car park permits.

  • Business permits

    Apply, renew or check the requirements for a business parking permit.

  • Companion badge

    Apply for a companion badge, a new parking permit to tackle the theft of blue badges from disabled drivers' vehicles.

  • Temporary cover note

    How to apply for temporary parking cover notes in situations that require cover.