London Borough of Croydon

Public charging points for electric cars and vans are being installed across Croydon, as part of the borough’s commitment to have 400 public charging points by 2022.

You can see where existing public charging points are in Croydon, and across the country at

To suggest a charging point location, visit You can see other suggestions on the site and endorse those you support. 

Registered private hire vehicle drivers are asked to also email, and will be sent details of the offer from Source London for lower cost charging of their cab.

Types of electric vehicle charging points

Charging at home or where the council has provided a bollard connected to a lamp column will be slow, typically overnight at 3kW or at most 5.5kW, but lower cost. Government grants are available for householders with off-street parking and for businesses.

Destination charging points, often near local shops and on busy local roads, are fast at 7kW, needing 2 to 4 hours charging or 22kW, typically used for an hour. The first 8 new Source London charging points have been installed with 7kW chargers on Edridge Road and Tavistock Road and a 22kW charging point on Colson Road. A further 24 are due in autumn 2019. In potentially popular locations, Blue Point London will install 1 or 2 charging points, and prepare the ground to add more as needed.

On main roads such as the Red Route network, TfL has installed rapid charging points. These 50kW chargers take 20 to 40 minutes depending on the car and level of charge. You will find them on London Road and Thornton Road in Thornton Heath, and Godstone Road in Kenley. Look out for others in Purley and Shirley during 2019.

For a full guide to electric vehicles and charging, visit the Energy Saving Trust.

Public locations are chosen following approaches by residents or businesses or as part of a planning application agreement, and are designed to deliver a borough-wide network of charging points as well as support zero and low emission transport initiatives including improved public transport, car clubs and cycle routes and cycle parking (for secure cycle parking on your road, email

"We are installing these charging points at locations where we know there is demand, and as part of ambitious plans to promote wider use of electric vehicles.

We are determined to make sustainable journeys across Croydon easier than ever before and a key part of that is expanding our green infrastructure to meet growing demand for it.

We are committed to working with communities to tackle air pollution."

Councillor Stuart King, cabinet lead for environment and transport