London Borough of Croydon

Web tool release from Lasa

Please feel free to have a look at Its a new web tool that lists local services available to the postcode entered. Although it is still a work in progress, it is a fantastic resource whereby you can access information on social care available in your local area, advice agencies and it has links to national organisational information, about rights and entitlements.

Making an Application to the Court of Protection

The Court of Protection is the specialist court for all issues relating to people who lack the capacity to make specific decisions for instance on personal welfare, property and financial affairs. For guidance on making an application, please download the leaflet below.

Children with Sensory Impairments

For children with sensory impairments please visit the Croydon Sensory Support Service (CSSS) webpage.

Advice and guidance

It is important for parents and young people to be able to find the advice and guidance that they need. In Croydon there are different organisations that can offer impartial help that is reliable and useful. Please see the Advice and guidance page on the Local Offer for more information.


When you need someone to help you make your voice heard, there are a range of different organisations both locally and nationally that can help. Please see the Advocacy page on the Local Offer for more information.

Croydon disability register 'I-Count'

The register ensures that appropriate services know about all disabled children and young people and their carers, who may need additional help and support both now and in the future. By having a register it will be possible to know the numbers of children and young people, where they are living and the nature of their disabilities. The local authority will use the information from the register to plan services to ensure that resources are used effectively. You will receive and 'I Count' card which identifies your child as having a disability. This care is acknowledged and supported by local and national organisations, companies and facilities. Further details are available on

Criteria for registration

To qualify for registration a 'disability' needs to be permanent and substantial. This will be determined by a community paediatrician and/or the team manager of the children with disabilities team.



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