This applies to community primary schools only. See page 28 of the primary schools' prospectus (PDF, 4MB) for a list of community primary schools.

All schools have experience in dealing with children with a range of medical needs and all schools are required to make reasonable adjustments in order to accommodate such children.

However, in a very few exceptional cases there may be reasons why a child needs to attend a specific school and this could be due to the child’s or the parent's medical condition.

If you feel there are exceptional needs for your child to be considered for a priority placement at a particular school , you must ensure that:

  • you tick the medical box on your online application
  • you complete and submit the online medical form
  • you submit supporting medical evidence from a doctor, consultant or any other medical professionals with your online application.
  • the supporting evidence must make clear which school you are making a special case for and the reason why it is necessary for your child to attend a particular school as well as the difficulties it will cause for your child to attend another school
  • the supporting evidence must be submitted together with the completed medical form by the closing date of 15 January 2022
  • by submitting your medical evidence to the Local Authority, you consent to this information being shared with the local authority’s medical advisor


It is not the local authority’s responsibility to chase you for the medical form and supporting evidence if you tick the medical box on the online application but fail to complete the medical form or provide the medical supporting documents.

Claims for priority of admission on medical grounds submitted after a decision on the application has been made will only be considered if the documents submitted were not available at the time of application or if they relate to a 'new' medical condition. Any submission made after the initial application must be supported by details of how the circumstances have changed since the original application and by further professional evidence.

Refer to Note 4 in the community schools admission arrangements 2022 to 2023 for further information about the processing of medical applications.

For medical applications related to academies, free schools, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools please refer to their individual admission policy for information about their medical criteria.

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