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A level, T Level and Level 3 VTQs

Results day Thursday 17 August

On results day, ensure you have:

  • Your UCAS Track (UCAS ID) login details.
  • Contact numbers for the Admissions team at your chosen university.
  • Sufficient credit/ minutes allowance on your phone for any calls you may need to make.
  • Bear in mind that the phones at universities, colleges and schools are likely to be very busy.

If you got the grades you need for your chosen university

You simply need to wait for your confirmed offer to contact you with information on your next steps


If you were waiting for grades for a (higher) apprenticeship programme, you will need to contact the employer/ scheme manager to update them on your grades to confirm your offer of employment/ training.

If you did not get the grades for your chosen higher education institution

  • You should check UCAS Track to see if your offer at your preferred university still stands; please note this may be pending as some universities may take longer to decide if they can accept you and could request a breakdown of your results, for example.
  • If your first choice is subsequently not available, you may be eligible for your insurance offer and you should use UCAS Track to view these details.
  • If neither your first choice nor insurance offer are open to you (or if you did not pick an insurance choice), you will be eligible for Clearing, a process that allows you to search for and potentially access other course options at your preferred university, or apply for remaining places at another university

If you exceeded your expected grades

If you exceeded your expected grades you can go through a process called Adjustment. This means that whilst holding your firm offer, you can also approach other universities who have programmes with higher entry requirements you had not initially considered/ been eligible for.

If you are seeking apprenticeship or job opportunities

If you are seeking apprenticeship or job opportunities please see the useful website page.

If you are unhappy with your grades, find out how you can appeal.

You can appeal on the Gov UK Website: Appeal against a GCSE, AS or A level grade or the result of a qualification

Please note: when considering your post-18 options, it is highly advisable to obtain advice and guidance from a qualified careers professional in your school or college in addition to teaching staff.
Qualified careers professionals are also available via the National Careers Service, Prospects or UCAS