Clinical waste

Clinical waste collection is usually arranged by healthcare workers but if this is not available we can collect it for you.


Clinical waste is infectious waste which you may have as a result of ongoing treatment or post-operative care. It must be handled safely and kept separate from other types of household waste.

Infectious clinical waste must be collected separately from household rubbish as it can be hazardous.

We offer two types of Clinical waste service

  • Clinical waste service (yellow bags) 
  • Collect your Sharps box / deliver new Sharps box

We do not offer a collection service for commercial clinical waste.

Clinical waste includes:

  • blood or other infectious bodily fluids
  • disposable wipes, dressings, plasters, bandages, bedpans or liners, stoma bags and urine containers
  • personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, aprons)
  • saline or glucose IV bags and tubing
  • needles and syringes
  • human tissue

Non-infectious or hygiene waste, such as incontinence pads and nappies, do not require a special collection, but this waste must be placed securely in heavy duty bin liners in your grey rubbish bin.

Sharps Collection

This is a service that you can request as and when you need it.  It is not a regular weekly collection.