Information for Landlords, managing agents and developers

Who is responsible for bins, Bin size calculator, Terms and conditions for bin hire

Residential locations with 5 or more flats need to hire or buy general rubbish bins from a third party. Contact to arrange a hire contract with the Council.

If you currently hire bins from us, please read the terms and conditions for this service (PDF, 30KB)

Please note that unless adequate bins are on site our contractor will not collect waste and recycling.

If you are a managing agent or landlord

You will need to make sure that your tenants have access to appropriate waste bins to ensure collections run smoothly. You will need to make arrangements to buy or hire these from a third party supplier.

Find more information about your obligations as a managing agent (PDF, 3MB) 

If you are a tenant

Please arrange for your managing agent or residents association to arrange hire or purchase of general waste bins. 

New builds and house conversions

Bins for new build properties and house conversions are the responsibility of the managing agent, developer, or owner. 

Read our new builds and conversions waste management guidance for architects and developers (PDF, 686KB).

Bins must be located within 20 metres of the collection vehicle. If this is not possible, the driveway leading to the bin store must meet highway standards. 

New Build Bin size calculator

Download the bin size and measurements reference (PDF, 491KB)

For more information contact