London Borough of Croydon

Community-led housing

We’re inviting local organisations to bid to develop affordable homes on up to 5 council-owned sites. Once built, the homes would be owned and managed by the community groups that developed them.

The first community group chosen to develop its own affordable homes is the Crystal Palace Community Land Trust (CPCLT). The winning group of local residents with professional specialisms including architecture, transport, housing management, planning and sustainability, was selected for its commitment to turn a piece of council land at The Lawns in Upper Norwood into high-quality, low-carbon affordable homes. Find out more about CPCLT.

The group, who have already met with many of the local residents, undertake further community engagement so that neighbours can help shape the design. The first event is due to take place Saturday 21 September, between midday and 3pm at The Lawns, weather permitting.

Bidders for all sites who make a successful business case will get design and logistical support from Brick by Brick, the council-created developer, to submit a scheme for planning. 

About community-led housing

Community-led housing is where communities play a lead role in addressing their own housing needs, following these three principles:

  1. Meaningful community engagement and consent occurs throughout the process. The community does not necessarily have to initiate and manage the development process, or build the homes themselves, though many do.
  2. The local community group or organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes and in a manner of their choosing.
  3. The benefits to the local area and/or specified community must be clearly defined and legally protected in perpetuity

The community-led housing group will steer the project by outlining their vision and objectives and be responsible for administration and decision making. A group may be:

  • responding to housing need or demand from the wider community
  • people looking to live together and build their own homes as a community
  • an existing community organisation looking to provide housing

A workshop was held at the Croydon Arts Store on 16 March 2019 for interested groups to find out more about the opportunity and you can see the exhibition boards below.

The application process

The application process will be through the GLA Small Sites Small Builders portal and will run for 8 weeks from the end of May. Bids will be assessed for viability, design and the council’s other community-led housing criteria.

When the winning bid is chosen, the successful applicants will need to carry out detailed engagement with local residents before applying for planning permission.

For more information on community-led housing and how to submit a bid contact Zohra Chiheb on


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