London Borough of Croydon

Conservation areas in Croydon

To find out if a property is located within a conservation area, use the search options on the interactive proposals map.

Use the conservation area appraisal and management plan for each conservation area to find out why an area has been designated.  More information and links to these documents are set out below.

Conservation area general guidance

The conservation area general guidance supplementary planning document provides guidance for development and maintenance of properties and sites within conservation areas which includes:

  • demolition of buildings
  • alterations to buildings
  • design of new development
  • trees
  • satellite dishes

A copy of the conservation area general guidance can be downloaded below.

For further information on conservation areas, visit Historic England.

Conservation area appraisals and management plans

Conservation area appraisals and management plans (CAAMPs) provide detailed information on the special character of conservation areas and provide guidance for development and maintenance of properties.

We are in the process of producing and updating our CAAMPs to improve the protection of all of Croydon's conservation areas. Since 2012 we have adopted 15 CAAMPs for the Beulah Hill, Central Croydon, Chatsworth Road, Church Road, Church Street, Croham Manor Road, Croydon Minster, East India Estate, Harold Road, Norbury Estate, Norwood Grove, St Bernards, Upper Norwood Triangle, The Waldrons and the Wellesley Road Conservation Areas. The adopted CAAMPs and all other available guidance for Croydon’s conservation areas can be downloaded from the following webpages:

A to C of conservation areas

D to N of conservation areas

O to Z of conservation areas

Schedule for the production of conservation area appraisals and management plans

Draft conservation area appraisal and management plans for the Addington Village and Bradmore Green conservation areas, and revised versions of the South Norwood, and Webb Estate and Upper Woodcote Village CAAMPs will be produced and will be subject to public consultation ahead of adoption.  Updates will be posted here.


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