Old Town – Liveable Neighbourhoods

Our Liveable Neighbourhood Programme is a key feature of the locally developed Vision for Old Town.

This includes Old Town being Croydon’s thriving historic heart, with a flourishing independent business community and attractive neighbourhoods, and well-integrated with the town centre and with surrounding neighbourhoods. It will be accessible, enjoyable and feel safer to walk and cycle and around. It will also include great public transport links.

The scheme aligns with both the Mayor of London’s:

  • Transport Strategy (MTS) which seeks to encourage people to walk, cycle or use public transport instead of jumping in the car for short to medium length journeys
  • Healthy Streets objective – making our streets cleaner, quieter, and more enjoyable
  • Vision Zero – working to eliminate serious injuries and casualties on our roads

What’s happening?

The barrier to walking and cycling presented by the Roman Way and  Old Town Roundabout will be broken through by separated cycle lanes, lower traffic speeds and better crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as a greener environment. We will work with residents living just to the north of Old Town to reduce the amount of traffic coming through the area.

Learn more about the Old Town Master Plan 

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